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ME! :)

ME! :)

Sinking the LOCR Eight at the Brentwood College Regatta

Today I went to West Point for a race,

and both boats I coxed came in 1st! I was really excited about it - Girls 1st V8 and 1st V4! 

Then some drama happened bc we’re not sure what we’re going to do for States… WHICH IS NEXT WEEKEND! but whatever happens, I’m sure it’ll be fine. 

NY Scholastic Champions, here we comeee! 

Saratoga Invites today.

I’m coxing the girls senior (1st) 4 today for the 1,500 sprint, and then tomorrow the senior 8 for the 2k

AHHH meep meep, honestly Saratoga always scares me a little. It’s so official. lol

Well, good luck to everyone else whose seasons have beguns! :)

Coxswain Calls (Race piece)

  • Nice and steady
  • DRIVE it down!
  • Press it down!
  • Set the boat!
  • Stay on your legs!
  • Strong on the legs! 
  • Focus on the person in front of you
  • Eyes forward; heads straight
  • Relax your shoulders
  • Light hands
  • Steady slides
  • DRIVE and control
  • PRESS IT DOWN and slow
  • Set the boat!
  • Leaning down to (port/starboard), (that side) raise your hands!
  • Let me see ratio
  • Lengthen out
  • Make sure your catching together
  • Stay together
  • Catch, press, swing it through
  • Steady, focus
  • Quick hands
  • In, down, and away
  • Bring it in to your chest!
  • Go around the “J”
  • Straight out, and UP
  • Nice clean movements
  • Be professional!
  • Sit up tall
  • backs straight
  • heads up
  • Keep the intensity!
  • DRIVE it down
  • Power 10 in 2! 1! 2!
  • Press your oars strong through the water
  • Strong on your legs
  • Let’s walk on them!
  • Give me coxswain!
  • You’re on (#) seat!
  • Bow pair give me power!
  • 3,4 give me power!
  • 5,6, give me power! 
  • 7,8 (stern pair) give me power! 
  • Keep it strong!
  • Show me you want it! 
  • Prove to me that this is what you want!
  • I will not let you down, so do not let ME down!
  • FOCUS!
  • Listen to the clicks!
  • Do it for (Coach’s name)!!!
  • Make THIS stroke count!
  • Make this stroke better than the last!!
  • You can DIE for 7 minutes, and that’s all it is!
  • Finish strong!
  • Power through
  • Power 6!
  • Lengthen 5 in 2! 1! 2!
  • 7 on, 7 off (focus)
  • Power 10
  • Double Double power 10!!

All For One Clip 1

"Attention, this is the start. All hands are down.. Ready all, ROW!"


this man has an awesome unisuit


this man has an awesome unisuit